Hello everybody, we are pleased to announce that we are holding an art auction to benefit the victims of human trafficking. If you are an artist who would like to join us in this cause by donating a piece then please contact us here. If you are an art lover then please come to the art auction and add some great art to your collection.

The proceeds from this auction will go to ZOE and She Dances, two organizations that are dedicated to eradicating human trafficking and providing after-care to victims that have been rescued. Human trafficking is a modern day form of slavery where people profit from the control and exploitation of others. It is an under-reported cause to which there is a great need for general awareness. Human trafficking is now the third largest criminal industry in the world.

With this art auction, we are hoping to raise awareness and funds to fight trafficking. Our goal is to raise 5,000 dollars for these two organizations.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Auction!

Hey all, they auction was a success! With a space packed full of amazing art we managed to raise $4,600 for ZOE and She Dances! A huge thanks to all of the artists who donated work and to all of the folks that came out to show their support. Its pretty amazing to think that through what we've done we will actually be helping to make these women and children's lives better. People from both ZOE and She Dances came out to speak to us and moved us by telling us what they do and by sharing stories of women and children whose lives they've saved from the most dire of situations. Hats off to them for the amazing work they do and for being a true inspiration to us all. You can check out a bunch of more photos from the auction here!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Auction Tomorrow!

Hey everybody! The auction is tomorrow! Its gonna be a great time with live music, food and amazing art! The artists really came through on this one. Bring along as many people as you can as well as your wallets to support this great cause!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Nic Sweet

Nic Sweet, an Alaskan artist living in the L.A. area, has been drawing and creating since he was four years old. His work spans from the political and satirical to the wide-reaching fantasies of the graphic worlds he creates. Dedicated to his drawing he often says the one other art form he would love to pursue would have to be Boxing.

Nic had this to say about the auction "I wasn't aware that militias were continuing to slave out people in the Congo to mine minerals until a few years ago. Honestly I was furious, but the only thing I felt I could do was repost the articles I was reading. I felt helpless. So when I heard about the show, I jumped at the opportunity to contribute with these amazing artists." - Nic Sweet.

You can see more of Nic's work here.

Modern day slave labor in India

This is a really helpful video that helps explain the epidemic of indentured servitude that's going on in India.

Friday, May 27, 2011

B.B. Nielsen

BB's Urban work can be found in the streets of London, Paris, Los Angeles, Seville and Sao Paulo. An early love for sci-fi created all sorts of mischievous Barbarellas out and about town. All kinds of alien girls are first seen pasted in walls here and there before they are mutated to be part of a world of Finer Arts.

As a synesthete, BB can portray a personal take on sounds and in 2009, Bon moved slightly off centre from the Urban (Pop) tag keeping the basics and techniques learned there; The recycling of materials to make the piece out of anything that allows, the use of wheatpaste & paper, and spray cans teamed with acrylics, all to give a different approach to a more abstract work, still keeping the sci-fi feeling.
You can check out more of BB's here .

2009 Frederick Douglass Award Winner - Veero

Veero took a terrifying risk to break free from slavery. She slipped away, alone and on foot, from a farm where men were kept in leg irons and women were guarded by armed thugs. She now shows others how they can walk to freedom too.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Philip Vose

Philip Andrew Vose, known amongst his friends as "pvose" is a younger gent with an old soul and bearded face. This isn't to say he is wise because he isn't by any means. Rather, he is curious about the art world and is continuing to teach himself through trial and error and the help of old masters what it means to be an artist, which he is also not by any means. pvose has high hopes and a strong faith in the idea that his efforts will pay off in the end...God willing! Check out Phil's work here. (These works will be auctioned.)

2009 Frederick Douglass Award Winner- Sina Vann

Sina Vann walks into her worst nightmare every day. For more than two years she was tortured and raped as a sex slave in Phnom Penh. She now goes back to the brothels to help sex slaves escape, and to provide health advice for those unable to break free.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nate Fish

Nate Fish is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. He is a trained writer, a self-taught artist and disc jockey, and the greatest baseball coach on planet Earth. Fish has written many unpublished stories, essays, poems, and even entire unpublished books. Fish started making visual art five years ago at the age of 25. An unlikely candidate for artist after spending his entire life to that point playing baseball, Fish began slowly, like a cave-man, painting words and stick figures on small canvas board. In 2006, Fish took his work to the streets, creating the art brand, The Brick of Gold, while his work on canvas and paper continued to expand to include what you see here. Fish only eats spaghetti and eggs high in the fake mineral photonamite making his blood hard like car paint and preventing hangovers. Fish Currently lives in Brooklyn and manages the Yorkville Baseball Academy in Harlem, NY. You can see his work here. (The art below is not what will be shown at the auction.)

Lisa Kristine Photography

Lisa Kristine is one of the top photographers in her field. Her work is based around modern day slavery in indigenous cultures. Check out her amazing photography here.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Will Kim

Next up, we have Will Kim, a Los Angeles based filmmaker/artist. Will grew up loving painting in Seoul, Korea and LA, California. He graduated from the Cal Arts Character Animation Program with a BFA and from the UCLA Animation Program with an MFA. Will currently teaches drawing and animation in the Art Department at Riverside City College and continues to animate for various short and feature film projects.(The art below is not what will be shown at the auction.)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ashley Judd speaks about child sex trafficking

We found this video on a really great website about human trafficking called Call and Response.
Check it out!

Daron Leah Nefcy

Hey guys, we are going to start posting some artwork from our contributing artists. We are kicking it off with Daron!

Daron likes to draw, paint, tell stories and make films. She graduated in Character Animation from the California Institute of the Arts and currently works at Nickelodeon. She loves cats, bikes and making art that's fun and a little weird. Check out her work here. (The art below is not what will be shown at the auction.)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Kay Chernush

We really like this woman's website. She is an accomplished
photographer who took a series of photographs documenting
victims of sex trafficking and slave labor.